Our line of standard blower packages are available for a wide variety of positive pressure and vacuum applications, such as pneumatic conveying, industrial vacuum systems, dust collection systems, gas pressure boosting, mine and tunnel ventilation, aeration and agitation of waste water and other liquids, solids and powders; pressurization and metering of combustion air; and spot cooling of machinery and equipment.

All Hardy Pro-Air Systems blower packages are designed and built to provide smooth operation and long service life, and feature continuously-welded heavy steel angle frames, vibration isolation, and liquid-filled pressure gauges. Dollar for dollar, you won’t find a better built blower package.


Single-source responsibility — blower packages provide single-supplier responsibility for design, engineering, component selection, construction, and all warranty work… eliminates specification, installation and maintenance headaches.


Wide range of capabilities — standard positive pressure blower packages available for pressures to 18 PSIG… standard vacuum blower packages available for negative pressures to 16 in. HG… motor sizes to 200 HP and more. Special applications requiring larger volumes, pressures or vacuums are available upon request.


Computerized blower selection — provides the most efficient, most economical selection of blower, motor and drive… helps keep purchase and operating costs to a minimum.


Vertical flow design — provides quieter operation, requires less floor space.


Quality components — all Hardy Pro-Air Systems standard and custom blower packages use only high quality blowers, motors, drives, silencers and other components from reputable manufacturers… ensures efficient operation and maximum service life.


Heavy gauge, continuously-welded frames — provide rigid, heavy framework… eliminates sway; provides the inertia necessary to keep vibration to a minimum.


Vibration isolation — vibration isolation provided on all standard blower packages… absorbs vibration; helps to reduce noise, reduces equipment wear and tear.

Standard gauges and relief valves — liquid-filled pressure/vacuum gauges supplied as standard part of package provide accurate indication of system pressure; relief valves prevent ruptures… help to maintain proper operation and safety.


Choice of inlet/outlet connections — inlet and outlet connections available with threaded or flanged connections to suit a variety of installation requirements.


Heavy-gauge steel belt guard — provides maximum safety, yet is easily removed for service and inspection… meets all applicable OSHA requirements.


Wide variety of options and accessories — automatic lube systems, pressure/vacuum switches, temperature gauges, full sound-deadening enclosures, flexible connectors, instrumentation and controls available as an option… provides maximum flexibility in a standard package. Custom designed and built blower packages also available.


Computer-generated drawings — all Hardy Pro-Air Systems blower packages are designed and drawn using state-of-the-art CAD systems… provides fast availability of drawings for layout and piping.


Factory-authorized installation and service —  our network of independent service companies can provide full factory-authorized installation and service in your plant or in the field… ensures proper operation and longer equipment service life.